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Come in For A Pet Wellness Exam

At Lakeville Animal Hospital, our staff understands the importance of pet wellness exams. Your pet can benefit from a comprehensive check-up at any age. It is our goal to ensure your pet receives the highest quality care possible in the Middleborough area.


Your Pet Needs A Wellness Exam

Just like humans should go to the doctor annually for a check-up, the same holds true for your pets. Just because your pet seems like it is fine, it does not mean there aren't underlying issues it may be experiencing. The check-up is an excellent time to discuss your pet's current health and find out more about your pet’s lifestyle. If you have questions or concerns, this is the perfect time to ask one of our veterinarians.

What to Expect in a Pet Wellness Exam

A pet wellness exam is a comprehensive measure of your pet's overall health and wellness. There are tests conducted to see if your pet is staying healthy. These tests may include:

  • A comprehensive health exam that includes the eyes, ears, and teeth.
  • Examination of the internal structures such as the heart and lungs with a stethoscope.
  • Blood tests, fecal tests, and diagnostic testing
  • Making sure your pet is caught up on vaccinations
  • Prescribing medication to keep your pet in good health
  • suggesting nutrition and lifestyle changes

Getting Ready for a Wellness Exam

It is imperative to know as much information as possible about your pet before coming in for a wellness exam. If this is your first visit to our office, it is essential to bring any medical documentation along with any records of previous vaccinations. If your pet has been acting out of the ordinary, it is also a good time to discuss this change with our veterinarians. Remember, pets can have problems that are not always visible right away. We never want any pet to be in discomfort for longer than they need to be and making wellness visits a priority goes a long way.

Contact Our Veterinarians at Lakeville Animal Hospital

We believe in providing superior care for all pets, whether they are a new puppy or kitten, a senior pet, or somewhere in between. Rest assured that your pet will receive the same compassion and quality service no matter what age or condition. If you are a new pet owner or new to the Lakeville or Middleborough area, call our veterinarians today at (508) 947-1309 to schedule your pet’s wellness exam.

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  • "I'm so pleased with the experience I had at lakeville animal hospital. I am traveling with my dog from northern Maine to visit family and my dog had been sick for 3 days. She couldn't keep any food or water down. Long story short I called lakeville animal hospital and they were able to squeeze Aspen in later on in the day. Turns out the reason Aspen had been sick was that she had atleast one blockage in her intestines. They immediately sent us to a 24 hour emergency vet in Swansea for a surgery. Aspen is now out of surgery with 2 incisions in her intestines and 1 in her stomach. Being a long way from home with a sick puppy is not fun and is quite stressful. But I'm thankful the crew at lakeville animal hospital was able to see her so soon, take X-rays, give her a diagnosis, and make a recommendation for a 24 hour surgery facility."
    Rachel G. Lakeville, MA

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