Pet Neutering

Dog neutering, also known as castration, is a surgical procedure that removes your male dog's testicles. It's a routine surgery performed by veterinarians across the country, including here at Lakeville Animal Hospital in Lakeville, MA. Neutering offers a range of benefits for both your pet's health and behavior. If you are interested in veterinary care, give us a call we can help make your dog or cat a healthy pet.

Pet Neutering

Health Advantages of Neutering Your Dog

Neutering significantly reduces your dog's risk of testicular cancer. Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of testicular torsion, a painful condition where a testicle twists and cuts off its blood supply. Neutering may also decrease your dog's risk of prostate disease and other health problems.

Behavioral Benefits of Neutering Your Dog

Intact male dogs are driven by testosterone to roam, fight, and mark territory with urine. Neutering reduces testosterone levels, leading to a calmer and more manageable dog. Neutered dogs are generally less likely to exhibit mounting behavior, aggression towards other dogs, and attempts to escape your yard. This improved behavior can make your dog a better companion and help reduce the risk of injuries sustained during fights or roaming.

Considerations for Neutering

The ideal age for neutering a dog can vary depending on breed and size. We recommend discussing the best timing for your individual pet with a veterinarian on our team to make sure you make the right decision.

There are minimal risks associated with neutering and our experienced staff will seek to ensure your pet receives the appropriate care throughout the procedure and recovery process.

Cat Neutering

Similar to dogs, neutering offers significant advantages for male cats. Just like with dogs, neutering eliminates the risk of certain types of cancer and reduces the likelihood of spraying, a behavior where unneutered male cats mark their territory with a strong-smelling urine. Neutered cats may also be less likely to run away and fight with other cats, minimizing the risk of injuries, exposure to infectious diseases, and other potential complications.

Get Dog Neutering and Cat Neutering from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Animal Hospital Near You

Neutering your male dog or cat is a responsible decision that promotes your pet's long-term health and well-being. If you have any questions about neutering or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the procedure with a veterinarian, contact our team at Lakeville Animal Hospital in Lakeville, MA. Call us at (508) 947-1309 for dog neutering and cat neutering from a veterinarian near you at our animal hospital near you. Let us help you make your dog or cat a healthy pet.

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  • "I'm so pleased with the experience I had at lakeville animal hospital. I am traveling with my dog from northern Maine to visit family and my dog had been sick for 3 days. She couldn't keep any food or water down. Long story short I called lakeville animal hospital and they were able to squeeze Aspen in later on in the day. Turns out the reason Aspen had been sick was that she had atleast one blockage in her intestines. They immediately sent us to a 24 hour emergency vet in Swansea for a surgery. Aspen is now out of surgery with 2 incisions in her intestines and 1 in her stomach. Being a long way from home with a sick puppy is not fun and is quite stressful. But I'm thankful the crew at lakeville animal hospital was able to see her so soon, take X-rays, give her a diagnosis, and make a recommendation for a 24 hour surgery facility."
    Rachel G. Lakeville, MA

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