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Pets need regular medical care just like people do. For those looking for a veterinarian in Lakeville, MA, Lakeville Animal Hospital can take care of all your pet’s medical needs. Many things can affect our pets – they can be injured, get sick, experience aging issues, and more. Our veterinarian will help you address any health issues your pet might have.


What is Basic Pet Medical Care?

Pets are like family and when they are sick or injured you need to take the time to find the right care for their individual needs. Pet medical care can be just about anything that your pet might need. Routine visits help you make sure your pet is safe, happy, and properly developing.

Aside from routine veterinary care, your pet may also need emergency services. Often your pet is going to need emergency services in cases where they are severely injured,  very ill, or require specialized care. For this kind of care, you need a veterinarian you can trust. For those that want a veterinarian that is going to care for their pet, Lakeville Animal Hospital can help. 

What Type of Medical Care Might Your Pet Need?

Each pet has its own needs. They might go through a year with only a routine checkup, or something might come up that requires specialized medical attention. At Lakeville Animal Hospital, we cover the needs of all pets. We provide care to young animals, old animals, and animals that are injured and ill.

We offer a huge range of services from routine care to emergency care. We also offer vaccines, parasite prevention, and other types of preventative pet care. In cases of severe injury or illness, we offer emergency surgery. 

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At Lakeville Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer medical services to pets in Lakeville, MA, and the surrounding area. Through the varied services we offer, we are sure to have the tools and expertise to address any concern you might have regarding your pet. We know pets are like family, and seeing to their proper care is essential to provide them with the best life possible.
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  • "I'm so pleased with the experience I had at lakeville animal hospital. I am traveling with my dog from northern Maine to visit family and my dog had been sick for 3 days. She couldn't keep any food or water down. Long story short I called lakeville animal hospital and they were able to squeeze Aspen in later on in the day. Turns out the reason Aspen had been sick was that she had atleast one blockage in her intestines. They immediately sent us to a 24 hour emergency vet in Swansea for a surgery. Aspen is now out of surgery with 2 incisions in her intestines and 1 in her stomach. Being a long way from home with a sick puppy is not fun and is quite stressful. But I'm thankful the crew at lakeville animal hospital was able to see her so soon, take X-rays, give her a diagnosis, and make a recommendation for a 24 hour surgery facility."
    Rachel G. Lakeville, MA

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