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At Lakeville Animal Hospital, serving Lakeville, Middleborough, and the surrounding areas, we are dedicated to keeping animals healthy and happy. One of the services we offer is microchipping, which may not directly impact your pet's health but greatly increases the chances of it returning home safely. We consider microchipping as part of our preventative care services, as it helps prevent the loss of your pet if it happens to wander too far from home.


What is Pet Microchipping?

Our veterinarian performs microchipping for both dogs and cats. It is a convenient method to locate your pet in case it gets lost. The microchip is implanted by our veterinary specialist through a simple injection under your pet's skin, similar to a vaccination needle. It is usually placed in the muscular tissue between the shoulder blades.

This procedure is relatively painless, similar to your pet receiving a vaccination. During the process, your pet will receive a microchip about the size of a grain of rice, which emits radio waves. If your pet is taken to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter equipped with a reader, it can pick up the radio waves and read your pet's unique identification number, as well as the information you provided on the registration form, such as your name, address, and telephone number.

The Procedure

Pets generally tolerate the procedure well, as it only takes a short amount of time, similar to receiving an injection. No incisions are required, and local anesthesia is not necessary, although some pet owners prefer to have it done during their pet's spay or neuter procedure to ensure the animal is not awake during the implantation process.

The Benefits

Your pet will not notice the microchip's presence, and it remains in place without moving. It is impossible for your pet to lose it while roaming outdoors. With a microchip, your pet has a permanent identification method that will last its entire lifetime. As microchipping has become a popular identification method, shelters and clinics scan for a microchip before attempting any other methods to reunite you with your pet.

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At Lakeville Animal Hospital, serving Lakeville, Middleborough, and the nearby communities, our veterinarian and staff are committed to pet safety through practices like microchipping. This simple and harmless procedure can greatly enhance your pet's safety. If you would like to microchip your pet as part of your furry friend’s safety and preventative care, contact us to schedule a veterinarian visit by calling (508) 947-1309.

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  • "I'm so pleased with the experience I had at lakeville animal hospital. I am traveling with my dog from northern Maine to visit family and my dog had been sick for 3 days. She couldn't keep any food or water down. Long story short I called lakeville animal hospital and they were able to squeeze Aspen in later on in the day. Turns out the reason Aspen had been sick was that she had atleast one blockage in her intestines. They immediately sent us to a 24 hour emergency vet in Swansea for a surgery. Aspen is now out of surgery with 2 incisions in her intestines and 1 in her stomach. Being a long way from home with a sick puppy is not fun and is quite stressful. But I'm thankful the crew at lakeville animal hospital was able to see her so soon, take X-rays, give her a diagnosis, and make a recommendation for a 24 hour surgery facility."
    Rachel G. Lakeville, MA

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